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Industry Beans caught my eye as we were walking towards The Rose Street Artists Market. I decided to drop by for some coffee and was unexpectedly rewarded with a free honey granola slice (thanks Industry Beans, it was absolutely delicious!) and a short guide to coffee beans. Unlike most cafes that do not reveal the origins of their beans, Industry Beans bares it all. For starters, it could be overwhelming albeit interesting. I’m not sure about you, but I think knowing where your food comes from is pretty interesting (my memory is still fresh from the ‘Alternativesdocumentary I made with my uni mates). Before I drift away, let’s return the spotlight to the coffee specialist. Industry Beans is indeed serious about their coffee, having sourced their beans from all over the world. Most beans were painstakingly cultivated in various near-inaccessible high altitudes and the cup of impressive flat white I had was no exception. Made from a special blend called Fitzroy Street (of course, how appropriate), what surprised me was its carefully selected components – 30% of it came from Aceh of Sumatra, Indonesia, 30% originated from Mt Mogiana, Brazil, 30% were produced in the Dota Tarrazu Valley of Costa Rica and the remaining 10% were from the mountainous La Palma of El Salvador. Now I can’t look at coffee the same way again. We often take a great cup of coffee for granted because you know, it’s easily available at AUD $4.00 per cup. While a skillful barista matters, so do the beans and the way it is brewed. Do you prefer a specially customized blend or a single origin? Do you prefer an espresso roast or a cold drip? Do you prefer a flat white or a cappucino? While being ignorant is always bliss, sometimes it is good to educate yourself on things you love as it can facilitate informed choices and avoid disappointment. So stop blaming it on the barista when your coffee is not to your liking. Find out what taste/texture/brew you are after and that would probably help.


Industry Beans
Unit 3 Cnr Fitzroy & Rose St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
03 9417 1034

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